Hey! I’m gamjagrl/Mary. I’m a student and I’ve been selling on Depop since late 2018.

I started selling as a way to make extra money, but eventually started taking it more seriously due to school and worsening chronic pain/illness issues. Your support is deeply appreciated!

About my Depop name:
It’s Korean! I’m Korean, so I kinda just went with that. It’s big dumb <3

About me:
I’m just clowning around :o) I’ve been thrifting for my entire life and I started actively seeking out vintage in 2018. I take alot of inspo from the early/mid 60s into the early 90s but I kinda just go with whatever I like (so I dress like a goddamn fool. I just go around in my vintage clown suits😔✊). Besides clothes, I’ve been involved with social issues/justice for several years. My interests are always kinda changing, but I’ve been really into Final Fantasy and Star Trek for a while. I also watch the Vinesauce streamers, Jerma985, and Supermega alot if yall know who they are😳😳

Music wise, I listen to alot of different stuff. Recently, I’ve been into 80s goth/punk, psych rock, really bad hair metal, 70s funk/disco, synth pop, and some trot. I collect figures, too! I own a fair amount of FF and JJBA ones. Here’s my collection:

Tifa Lockhart - FF7 (I do remake Tifa, but I’m considering doing her AC version too)
The Grudge lmao
and maybe miku or some other ff characters eventually?

NYCC (probably not happening this year, but whenever it happens next I’ll likely be there)

I have a few really messy Pinterest boards if anyone wants to see them lol


If you have any questions about my items, please message me on Depop. Please keep in mind that I am a full time student, I am the only person running this, and that Depop is a buggy app, so sometimes messages don’t go through. I do not always have the time, energy, or ability to respond to messages, but I will try to ASAP. Orders are generally shipped within 3 days. I do not do trades, sorry.